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    BOSH Book VI, Chapter 12: Avenger and the Hawk

    Avenger and the Hawk

    “Maternia, I have had another vision.”

    Maternia stopped her chores and looked at Arre. These visions had become more vivid as the battles progressed, and were almost always a foretelling of what was to come.

    “So, Arre, tell me of this vision.”

    Arre took a deep breath, and turned his eyes to the fire. “In my vision, I was drinking mead with some of the other men of the Clan. We had been talking of the last battle, and how hard it was to rid ourselves of the smell of cheese. That is when it happened.”

    Arre paused for a moment, then continued. “We heard the sound of a bird’s wings cutting through the air. We all looked upward, and AvengerRam saw the hawk first. It dove towards us, screeching a warning. We believed it intended to harm us. It kept returning, diving to attack us, piercing the silence of the night with its cries. The hawk’s talons scratched the skin of some of the men, but did not cause serious injury.”

    By this time, Maternia’s attention had turned away from her chores. She wished to know more of this vision. “Arre, please tell me the rest.”

    “When the hawk prepared to dive at us again, AvengerRam stood up and shouted ‘ENOUGH!’. The hawk ceased his attack and landed upon a tree. He looked at AvengerRam, and spoke to him. ‘Are you afraid of me, Spiralhorn? Do you think that my army is strong enough to defeat the Legion even without my champion?'”

    “That is when we heard the sound of the hawk’s army coming. Avenger stared at the hawk, and with a voice that would frighten evil itself, declared, ‘The Legion is afraid of no one. We do not fear your army, for we have overcome an evil far more powerful than you. You do not understand, raptor, that the Legion is far more powerful than is known.’”

    Arre took another drink of his mead. Looking at his beloved, he knew she wished to hear the rest of the story.

    “AvengerRam drew his sword. He alone was facing the warriors of the hawk. I could see the fire of revenge in his eyes. His voice carried throughout the land when he spoke. ‘You trespass upon the lands of the Legion, and you threaten to do us harm. You expect to battle the warriors you faced last year, but we are not the same. You took something from us, and we will get it back. You expect a battle. We will fight a war.’

    “It was then that AvengerRam looked to the hawk, and said, ‘You shall not come to my house and anger me. In two days, you will face my wrath. I have had enough of this!’ Maternia, you would not believe this, but when the hawk heard those words, he fell to the ground dead.”

    “I believe that this vision is another omen.”

    Maternia rolled her eyes, smiled softly, and asked, “Do you think so?”


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    Re: BOSH Book VI, Chapter 12: Avenger and the Hawk

    That's right... I'm bad!

    Nice job, Sam!

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    Re: BOSH Book VI, Chapter 12: Avenger and the Hawk

    Nicely written, RFSam, very nice. :r


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