A Letter To My Son

Jeremiah, my son,

By now, I know you have heard the news that we have suffered a defeat at the hands of the Soldiers of the Plains. This, indeed, is a defeat that is bitter. I wish you could have been by my side to witness the battle, but I know you must labor to provide for your own family.
Early in the battle, it seemed that fate was against us. Our warriors made some terrible mistakes. Even our Captain fell victim to this curse. However, we all held on to the hope of a victory. Our faith seemed to be justified during the last half of the battle, as we were able to prevent them from advancing against us for a while. Sadly, they were able to prevent our attack from succeeding.
I do not know if this is the best time to write you. I try to wait until my mood has tempered before I take pen in hand, be it good news or bad. However, this day I feel I must write you while the memories of the battle are fresh in my mind. As my son, you know me better than anyone. Therefore, I shall not hold back my thoughts from you. I know you will not judge me for my thoughts, nor will you condemn me for my words.
Am I wrong to have such faith in the Legion? Was I misdirected by our earlier success in battle? Has my outlook been spoiled by hope?
I look at the performance of our Captain, and I see how the orders of our General have helped him. I see how our new Colonel has changed the defensive strategies. I know our warriors are among the most dangerous in all the lands, yet I do not understand how, with all these weapons, that we face defeat more than we should.
Jeremiah, do not misinterpret me. I know this year, the Legion is trying to overcome the mistakes of years past, and we are trying to teach the warriors how to fight in a new way. Yet, I cannot help but wonder why our warriors are not dominating our rivals. I did not expect to win each battle, but I did expect to win more than half of them.
Maybe I am just a foolish old man. The Legion has won four battles, and lost four, but I still have faith in the Horns. I am assured that you still have faith in the Horns as well.

I must close now. Please give my love to your family.

As always,
Your father.