Facing the Fear

I sit outside the building where the Council of the Elders is meeting. The past four weeks have not been fortunate for the Clan. We have come so close to victory, only to have it taken from us. Some of our best warriors have fallen, and others are trying to take their place. The promise of a year of victories has been replaced with the reality of defeat.
I know not why I have been called to the Council chambers. I do not hold the key to victory, nor do I possess the wisdom of the Elders. As I ponder my fate, I am called.
“Arre, come. Sit, and have some mead.”
I did as asked, noticing the sober looks on the faces of the Council. For a long while, the conversation was filled with pleasantries. Then, Dez Urbanus silenced all of us.
“Arre, you are aware of the severe blow dealt to us by the Northwest Raptors. Twice, victory was within our grasp. Twice, we were handed defeat. The Clan is losing faith in the Legend of the Spiralhorn. We will soon face the Pantheris in battle. We need your help.”
I sat my mug on the table. “Sir, I am not a warrior, but I shall answer your call. I cannot act as a guard of our Captain, but I am willing to take the place of the fisherman.”
Laughter arose from around the table. Hubisonus, roaring with laughter, spoke first. “Arre, you misunderstand. We do not wish you to fight.”
“Then, pray tell me, how may I help you?
A ghostly voice came from a dark corner. “First, you shall be charged with the task of restoring faith among the Clan. Second, you shall be charged with reminding the people that we are still rebuilding the Legion. Lastly, we wish you to listen to the Clan, to find out what our course should be for our remaining battles.”
AvengerRam, staring at his mug, was the next to speak. “These are weighty responsibilities. Do not take them lightly. I foresee a difficult battle against the Pantheris. A victory could be a step towards redemption. A defeat, no matter how well we fight, will cause unrest among the entire Legion.”
I had to take a deep breath, for now I understood what was being asked of me. While my actions would not affect the outcome of the battles, I could affect the way our people, as well as our rivals, looked upon the Legion. I paused for a moment, finished my mead, and arose.
“I shall accept your challenge. I shall remind our Legion of our past. I shall remind them of the pride that should be felt every time the Horns are raised in battle. I will remind them of the promise our future holds. And, I shall stoke the flames of ferocity for our battle against the Pantheris!”
Before I could react, my mug was refilled with mead.

I hope Maternia does not wait up for me.