The festivities began early in the day. The scent of meats roasting over the fires permeated the land. Casks of wine and mead were abundant. The entire Legion was clad in their finest garments of blue and gold. Children were off in the meadows, playing games and laughing loudly. The worries and concerns over recently lost battles were cast aside, replaced by an atmosphere of thankfulness and celebration.
Once each year, the Clan gathers for a feast, grateful for a bountiful harvest, reveling in each other’s company. There are never harsh words among us on this day, for nothing matters except gathering together and enjoying life.
Maternia and I work our way through the crowd, laughing as the Crimson Giant entertains the guests with his dancing. Sima and Caleb, her friend, smile as they wonder where the Crimson Giant found such large women’s robes. Utterlas, holding her mug of mead in one hand, challenges the men of the Legion to a test of strength. Only the most foolish will accept her challenge.
One of our eldest has a crowd gathered. He is telling the tales of past battles, and of the great warriors who have come before. A short distance away, the First is repeating his opinions of the Scarlet Miners. Those gathered around him are adding to the conversation, each statement causing a loud uproar of laughter.
Grandmother, clad in an ancient robe of blue and white, had a small group sitting before her. All eyes were focused on her as she concentrated on the mysterious orb on the table. Her voice, though old, was strong enough to be heard some distance away. “Do not fear the Scarlet Miners, for they shall fall before our warriors. They shall be banished to the netherlands from which they came.”
Stephanus, ever the quiet one, laughed so hard at the antics of the Crimson Giant that he spat mead all over the table. It is good we can have a day like this. Seeing the Legion forgetting their worries, gathered together as one, evokes an emotion felt by all.

In the next battle, victory WILL be ours!

:l Happy Thanksgiving, all!:l