Carried On The Wind

The lands, covered with the newly fallen snow, were quiet today. Smoke drifted from fires as the people tried to keep warm. Talk of battles, both past and future, seemed muted compared to recent weeks, but there were those who braved the weather to speak of such things.

The Legion felt the weight of losing six battles this year. Most of those were within grasp until the last moment, yet victory had eluded the Legion. The bleakness of the landscape only added to the burden.

Yet, through all of this, a sense of anticipation, carried aloft by the cold North winds, penetrated the land. The Scarlet Miners, abhorred by all, had come to our home, attacking fiercely. Decimated by injuries, our warriors defended the honor of the Horns, forcing the Scarlet Miners to depart, defeated. Soon, another of our rivals shall attempt to attack our homelands.

The Desert Birds, defeated by the Legion once this year, will arrive in two days. Though we know this should be an easy victory for us, we do not count on this. We know that they have the capability to strike hard, and not give up.

The memories of our greatest victory are still fresh in our minds. This night, the story is being retold yet again. No one of the Legion shall ever forget that victory, for we all hope for another.

In my mind, along with the minds of the others, the story of that victory only builds my fury for the battle to come in two days. Being chosen to fight the finest armies is still within reach.

Defeating the Desert Birds is the next step to becoming champions once again.

The lands, covered with the newly fallen snow, were quiet today. In two days, the sound of the Spiralhorn shall be heard, declaring our victory.