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    BOSH VI, Ch. 21: A Yule Wish

    A Yule Wish

    The warriors have returned victorious from the dark lands, a place many describe as a hole of blackness. The Silver Pirates were said to be a force the Legion could not contend with, but they could not defend themselves from the onslaught of the Legion of the Spiralhorn. Even though it was naught but a minor battle, the Clan needed such a victory.
    Word has come that some of our Warriors have been honored: They shall journey to a far island soon, to show their skills among others deemed worthy. Those who are chosen are said to be the best warriors of all the lands.
    The Celebration of Yule will soon commence. The winter solstice has occurred this past week, and signs of the upcoming festivities are found throughout the land. AvengerRam has reverently lighted candles, as is his custom; others have taken to hanging shiny baubles from coniferous trees. Children are filled with excitement, as their parents tell them of a magical night to come, the night where a bearded man dressed in fine robes of blue and gold, driving a sleigh pulled by eight muscular Rams, comes to each home to give a gift to those children who have been good.
    The day before the Yule Feast is normally a quiet day, one spent with family and friends, a day for the families to gather together, and tell stories of long ago. This year, the Legion shall not be quiet, for there shall be a battle. The Native Warriors shall meet our warriors on the field of battle. In past years, their army has been a formidable one. Our warriors shall approach this battle like we did the last; no talk of the days to come, only the desire to defeat our foe.
    Perhaps the bearded man shall turn his team of Rams toward our battlefield, and present us with the one thing desired by all: A victory.

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    Re: BOSH VI, Ch. 21: A Yule Wish

    Glad to see that we shut-out the silver pirates.


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