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    BOSH VI, Chapter 19: A Child's Faith

    A Child's Faith

    The sun was setting over the hills. Dez Urbanus, clad in coarse gray robes, sat facing the west, lost in thought. The clouds being carried in by the frigid winter winds accentuated the bleakness of the lands.

    Since being defeated by the Desert Birds a few days ago, the Legion had been quieter than normal. Of course, there were still the debates about the General’s attack plans, or the lack of heart shown by our young warriors. Life continued on, as it must, but the excitement that was present before earlier battles had vanished.

    As the daylight faded, no one noticed the man sitting on the hilltop, except one child. Unaware of the man’s thoughts, the child climbed the hill, and sat beside the man.

    “My name is Malcolm. I saw you sitting here all day.”

    Dez Urbanus looked at the little boy sitting next him. “My name is Dez.”

    Malcolm fidgeted, playing with a toy warrior. “Why are you up here by yourself?”

    “I was just thinking, little one. Sitting here, looking at the lands of the Legion, helps me think.”

    “Are you thinking about why the Spiralhorns are not winning battles? My father says a long time ago the Spiralhorns couldn’t fight well, and almost never won battles. One day, a new Captain came along and everyone feared the Spiralhorns for a long time.”

    Dez Urbanus looked back to the west, quiet for a long moment. “Yes, I am thinking of our lack of success in battle. These days seem like the days your father spoke of, days when victory cannot be found. But, young warrior, this time, a new Captain is not what we need.”

    The little boy put his toy warrior in his pocket, trying to mimic his elder, looking to the west. “What does the Legion need to win battles?”

    A simple question, with no simple answers. How could he explain his thoughts to such a young child?
    “Malcolm, we need time for our warriors to heal. We need to enlist some new warriors, warriors that can fight harder. We need to remember those days when the Legion faced defeat in each battle. We must never forget the days when the Legion was dominant. More than anything else, we must have faith and believe.”

    Malcolm looked upwards at Dez Urbanus. “I think we can win more battles. We’re Spiralhorns! And next year, I know we can be champions again. I really believe that!”

    As the last rays of the setting sun faded away, Dez Urbanus knew the night could not last forever, and soon, the sun would rise again.

    “Come, little one, let’s get you home.”

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    Re: BOSH VI, Chapter 19: A Child's Faith

    Very nice Sam....a child's faith is a good thing to have.

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    Re: BOSH VI, Chapter 19: A Child's Faith

    Yes, very well composed. It's very difficult being a ramfan right now, and what's up with all these bears fans in the STL?


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