The Homestead

“Arre, you must be touched in the head for buying this house.”

It is the first evening in our new home, and we are entertaining those who helped us move our meager possessions, as well as those who have come to wish us well. People keep asking our reasons for giving up our former home for this one. If Maternia and I are to have a moment’s peace tonight, I should address their questions.

“Friends, thank you for coming. Maternia and I are blessed to have you in our home, and for the help many of you have given. And, we have heard your questions, wondering why we chose this to be our home.

“This house, though it is much older than our old one, is what we wanted. A man who loved the thought of making something with his own hands built it years ago. It took nine years before he completed it. Even then, he did not stop working to make this home better. When he had the money and the time, he made this home the showplace of the land. Other times, he did not have the means to repair this home, and it fell into disarray.

“Just a few years ago, he made this home into the finest house known to anyone. Anyone who saw this home, high on a hill, looked upon it with awe. However, time did not look favorably upon the man or his home, and once again, it has fallen into disrepair. Still, it has a history beautiful to my wife and I. There is much that can be done to make this house exactly like Maternia and I wish. This is why we chose this for our home.”

There were murmurs among the guests. I listened to them.

“Can he not see that the entrance door is missing? There is no security here?”
“The roof, it is full of holes.”
“The foundation is strong, but the walls are weak, and may fall”
“This home was once beautiful, but no one should have to live in this now.”

Suddenly, the murmurs died away, for one of the Legion’s warriors had entered the room. He looked upon the house, a look of recognition on his face.

“I remember this home. It doesn’t look as nice as it did a few years ago, but the specter of grandeur is still here.

“I heard your words, Arre. I will help. We can gather materials, put in another door, patch the roof until spring, and then we can work together to rebuild this home, make it better than it used to be.”

One of the Legion spoke next: “We can help you repair the floors.”

A moment later, another said, “I can help you strengthen these walls.”

Soon, more voices offered to assist us. Some faces still showed skepticism. More began to look around, studying the house, wondering if there was something they could do to help.

I looked over to my wife and said, “Maternia, this winter will be hard, but we shall endure. Next year, our home will be better than it is now. It shall not happen quickly, but with hard work and the help from the Legion, I think everything shall turn out right.”