Having watched our General lead the Legion to a huge victory, Arre has spent the past few nights remembering the battle. The visions he had are still not clear in their meanings, but the words spoken by the robed figure are clear in his mind:“The first major battle will be difficult. If victory is ours, it shall be an omen to all that the Legion is stronger than ever.”
Absentmindedly petting the kitten he rescued from the river a few days ago, he heaved a sigh of pleasure at the words that had been spoken concerning the newfound strength of the Legion. There have been many omens indicating that the sorrowful days of last year had passed; yet he knows that the glorious victory over the Mountain Steeds was only the first of many challenges to be faced by the Legion this year. Arre’s thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door. The Crimson Giant was there.

“Arre, I bring you the blessings of the battlefield. I was there to see the Mountain Steeds defeated. The Legion is strong, and the people do believe. The noise of their war cries is still ringing in my ears. The blessing I spoke of is that many who had lost faith in the Horns are returning to us.”
Arre was pleased with this news, for it meant that the Legion would grow in number. Looking at his guest, he could not resist the temptation to tease him.
“I suppose you and the First consumed more mead than needed, and the noise of the Legion is not the only cause for the ringing in your ears.”
The Crimson Giant nodded and laughed. “Even the birds had fun with the First!”
Arre wondered about this statement, but did not ask the meaning of it. He was more interested in what the Crimson Giant encountered upon his return home.
“You live in the land of the Scarlet Warriors. We shall face them in battle soon. Have you any news for me?”
The big man leaned back. The smile never left his face as he began to speak. “Indeed, I have news. The Desert Birds beat them handily in their first battle. The Scarlet Miners have begun shouting about their prowess, and promise to defeat the Legion, yet when there is no one to see them, they whimper and cry like small children. I almost expect them to whine when we arrive at their battlefield!”
Arre had to laugh. “They still cry like children...at least they are better warriors than the Silver Pirates.”
Yes, there have been omens. As the kitten yawned and stretched, Arre asked one more question.
“I heard the First stuck his tongue out at you. Will you tell me what happened?”
The Crimson Giant roared with laughter. “Well, you see...”