The Dimness

The Legion, bruised and bandaged from the battle lost to the Scarlet Miners, gathered together on the hill. Some of the people were speaking among themselves about the lost battle. Others did not speak at all. The mood was somber, and the gray sky only added to this effect. Looking upon the faces of the Legion, one could tell that the loss of the last battle was something personal to all of them.
The cold winds ushered in the approach of a robed figure. Standing before the Legion, he raised one hand. The Legion turned their attention to the man, and the voices began to trail off into silence. Slowly, the man lowered his arm, and began to speak.

“Faithful Legion, hear me! I, AvengerRam, stand before you today to tell of what has been written!”

Murmurs of shock and surprise echoed through the crowd, for the one called AvengerRam was speaking to all. Some had thought his tongue had been silenced forever, yet here he was, addressing them in a strong voice.

“There are those here who have lost faith in our General. Others no longer have faith in our Captain, or perhaps our Warriors. After they led us to victory against the Mountain Steeds, you dare to turn away from them after a loss to the Scarlet Miners?

“You said, “I believe”. You adorned yourself in your finest garments of Blue and Gold. You performed your rituals for our success. Yet, after losing one battle, you turn away from the ones who need you most.

“In the ages long past, it was written that there would be days in which the Legion would face defeat. Some here have lived in the darkest of days, and watched many fall away from the Legion. Yet, the faithful remained. They are the ones who dream of greatness, watching our enemies cower in fear before us. They know that every battle can have many outcomes, and a defeat, while painful, can be the way to greater glory. They do not pretend the Legion cannot be defeated, for they know even in our greatest victory, defeat was only a short distance away. Learn from them, for they are wise.

“Do not be disenchanted by our recent defeat, for another foe will soon be awaiting us in battle. We must believe that we can overcome our weaknesses, and grow stronger in spite of them.

“Soon, we journey to the desert to fight the warriors of the Desert Birds. A new battlefield was built for them. In this place, they believe they cannot be conquered."

AvengerRam stood silent for a moment, then reached into his robes. Reverently, he removed a scroll, broke the seal, and unrolled the scroll. The Legion watched closely as AvengerRam raised his head, looked around the Legion, and began reading the words written on the scroll.

“Behold! A battle will soon commence in the desert. The warriors of the Birds shall stand fast, and attempt to prevent the Spiralhorns from reaching their goal. They will not be successful, for the Spiralhorns will triumph! Our Captain will lead us to victory.”

AvengerRam closed the scroll, turned to the flag, and in a voice of authority, he declared, “So it is written! So it shall be!”

As the Legion began to shout their approval, a ray of sunlight broke the gray clouds, and the cold winds began to fade.