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    BOSH VI:Chapter III - A Letter Home

    My dearest Maternia, and my daughters Yakira and Sima,

    As I sit in the shadow of the Great Arch, I write to tell you some news that has saddened all who have heard. One of our greatest warriors shall not be able to wear the horns on the battlefield this year. The many times he was struck down during past skirmishes have caused an injury that the healers say will take many months to mend. Word is the General and his staff are negotiating with another warrior to fill his space on the fields of battle this year.

    There are many of the legion that have already arrived to watch the warriors prepare for battle. The General has ordered that only a few jousts will be able to be observed. He is of the mind that our warriors should prepare in secrecy, so our plans will be unknown to our rivals.

    I spent some time wandering the land near the great arch. There are still great ships anchored in the river. Hundreds of people board them daily to cast lots, hoping to increase their fortunes. A new arena has replaced the old open one south of the brewery, and the games played there are still watched by thousands. The brew master has produced a select mead, and I shall bring some home to share with you.

    It has been said that there are now nine more young warriors who will join our forces. There are rumors that one more has been chosen, but has not yet agreed on his share of the spoils. The warriors gathered today to discuss their upcoming training for the battle season. In the morn, they shall begin training in earnest. I can feel the excitement throughout the land. Both young and old proudly wear the royal colors of blue and gold. With only a fortnight and a day until our Captain steps onto the field of battle for the first time this season, the confidence in our General, and in our warriors, has grown large. I am sure you are feeling this as well.

    I shall stay here a little longer, searching for the meaning of my vision. Do not worry, for I shall return home soon. Even though the answer I was hoping to find still eludes me, I am more at peace. Perhaps the vision was intended only to persuade me to journey here to experience these things with my own eyes.

    It will not be long until I return to look into your eyes again, yet it shall seem forever. Until that time, be strong.

    With all my love,


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    Re: BOSH VI:Chapter III - A Letter Home

    Excellent chapter. In an interesting parallel, J.R.R. Tolkien's early writings included letters to his children.

    Keep up the good work!

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    Re: BOSH VI:Chapter III - A Letter Home

    yes indeed great chapter. good job

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    Re: BOSH VI:Chapter III - A Letter Home

    The injury of a Great Warrior... So sad and disapointing..

    Great Chapter!! Im starting to like books again... Its been a while since i read a book!


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