I have been away on business most of this season of battle. I still found ways to hear the news from others about our quests for glory, and I have spent many nights wondering why so many battles have been lost.

When I returned to the land of the Clan, the wounds I saw were not just wounds of the flesh. The wounds I saw were much more painful. A warrior with an injury to flesh and bone is a dangerous man. A warrior with wounded pride does not care to fight.

Our warriors do not care to fight any more. Their faith in you has been lost. They no longer believe in you when you call them to battle. They only wish to engage the desert warriors and hope for no more injuries.

You, General, have the most difficult battle of all ahead of you. Most of the Clan has lost faith in your plans just as the warriors have. You have until next battle season to come up with a plan to salvage yourself and ressurect the faith within the warriors and the Clan. To do this, you must forget what you believe. You must humble yourself and ask the most expreienced warriors the ways to victory. Then, you must work with them to find a plan for the battles next season. You must ask them to remember our true glory, and ask them to teach you the way.

That, or you must step aside and let a new leader take command.