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    Post It Begin's

    The sun was low and the shadows were long, casting themselves over the heather covered hills and mountain’s in this northern part of the world. There was little shelter in this land, most of the natural trees having been torn from the earth a long time ago, in a savage rape of the land and those that remained were bent as if in sorrow for their kind who no longer stood. Sharp granite was showing through the heather, here and there, like bone from some prehistoric monster. Lichen grew upon granite, trying in vain to cover this bare, naked rock that the elements had failed to tame and there was strange stains on the granite, almost like a trail pointing its way, north west, across the dark klein blue waters of Loch na Seig towards a strange light, coming from the top of Ben Hope. Moving to the top of this proud ben, the razor sharp Craig allowed no place to stand with safety in mind, your eye is drawn down, following the strange stains to the black waters of Dudh-loch na Beinne and there the stains ended.

    He remembered.

    The good times, he remembered them. He remembers the Bard who he placed his faith upon first, AvengerRam. He was a worthy Bard who travelled far in the quest. The “Golden Age” ah yes. Those who followed him, all taking up the sword, fighting for the right to be. He remembers AvengerRam’s prophesy that brought the “Golden Age”

    The Age of Gold, at dusk not yet
    through signs of threes, goals can be met

    On fields of battle, three twins to meet
    Of city and face, scores to complete

    Three mountains' challenge, each born of pride
    One must soon yield, two must subside

    Three men of strength, three brash and bold
    Three fleet of foot, resistance's fate they hold

    Three spirits true, wounds healed, hearts strong
    To fight each day, to start each longs

    Thrice times a summit, left in glory then rage
    Third time completes, a Golden Age

    Awaken now, the time draws near
    Search for the threes, all will be clear

    He remembered.

    The Legion, ah yes. TexRamaes, Elackles, Theoylos, Ramnatorax, Utterlas and many more Captains, more than he wished. It was to many. “Diluted came to mind” He stirred. The Death Warriors, ah yes, he allowed mirth to take him, just for a moment. Windrider, another memory stirred, still to many he thought but still, was it time? Urbanos, yes he remembered them all. The sacrifices, the pain and the joy and there was something else …. The last prophecy, what was it now, ah yes ..

    “Your period of darkness is not yet complete. Others among you will fall. Your numbers will become more restless and down-trodden. However, for those that remain true, a better day will come. Your Captain will return after the time of rest. His guard will see transition as new blood rejuvenates their ranks. Many young ones will mature to become seasoned warriors prepared for any battle that war may bring. While one of great stature will fall, another unknown soldier will rise in power. For those that remain true, the bright and shining glory of past days will be reborn.”

    Was it time?

    He felt the movement, the force, it’s coming. Is it time to show my true shape he thought. Maybe it was. He remembered the final Ballad by the Bard.

    “The sun had set on golden times
    A tale is told within these rhymes
    Gone are warriors of great renown
    Those who remain are beaten down

    And so at last it came to pass
    The Clan no longer, a single mass
    But cleaved in two, and torn away
    The unity of a brighter day

    On one side stood, those who still see
    Redemption through continuity
    Patient and sanguine, is how they strive
    To be, their hopes still stay alive

    On the other side, a fiery crowd
    Their words are sharp, their voices loud
    A path of change, to them, the answer
    The status quo, is but a cancer

    Both sides are true, their cause the same
    And yet their words, now cause disdain
    Passion united, a powerful thing
    But when divided, civil war it brings

    Those who regard, this woeful tale
    Might wish to know, who will prevail?
    That answer, not within these lines
    It will only come, in different times

    The true question, that one should ask
    And face the answer, a daunting task
    Is which side in, this troubled age
    Stands for the Clan, with righteous rage

    The answer, not within this part
    Of this verse, rather, in your heart
    Is where you’ll find, the correct plan
    To support, as a loyalist to the Clan”

    How many years had he lay since that Ballad? Was it five years? Had the time moved so fast? Ah how they forget. How they toss and turn. They have lost their faith, the Legion of the Clan had been diluted.

    Was it time?


    It was time to show them all. It was time for him to take up the sword that so many had held in his name. It was time to call the Clan together. The time for talk and for lost faith was over. It was time for him to call them to him.
    He woke and kicked up towards the light. The darkness that had held him for so long washed away as he rose. The dark waters of Dudh-loch na Beinne fell from him as he stepped onto the shore. He looked at the sharp crest of Ben Hope and a smile played across his face.

    The SpiralHorn is here.
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    Re: It Begin's

    This. Is. Awesome!


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