164 days left until Week 1 kicks off! And again, here's some career stats I was able to dig up:


Troy Aikman-165 games played, 165 TD's
Sammy Baugh-165 games played
Jason Garrett-165 completions
Terry Henratty-165 pass attempts
Charley Johnson-165 games played
Alex Smith-165 pass attempts
Jim Ward-165 passing yards
Charlie Frye-164 pass attempts
Don Heinrich-164 completions
Ron Jaworski-164 INT's
Eric Kesser-164 passing yards
Daryle Lamonica-164 TD's
Jim Plunkett-164 TD's
Phil Simms-164 games played


Charles Alexander-165 Receptions
Roger Craig-165 games played
Jack Deloplaine-165 rushing yards
Ike Forte-165 rushes
Keith Lincoln-165 receptions
Bill Shockley-165 rushing yards
Don Smith-165 rushing yards
Jimmy Thomas-165 rushes
Ward Walsh-165 rushing yards
Tony Carter-164 receptions
Mel Gray-164 receiving yards
Don Lisbon-164 rushes
Josh Parry-164 receiving yards
Sam Scarber-164 receiving yards
Emmitt Smith-164 rushing TD's


Robert Clark-165 Receptions
Demeane Douglas-165 receiving yards
Trevor Insley-165 receiving yards
Nate Jaquet-165 receiving yards
Mike Jones-165 receptions
Henry Marshall-165 games played
John Stallworth-165 games played
Charley Taylor-165 games played
Don Clune-164 receiving yards
Chris Cole-164 receiving yards
Eric Crabtree-164 receptions
Jim Jensen-164 games played
Quincy Morgan-164 receptions
Keith Williams-164 receiving yards


Joe Senser- 165 receptions


Cary Blanchard- 165 FG's made
Rian Lindell-165 FG attempts
Paul Edinger-164 PAT's attempted/made
Mike Luckhurst-164 FG attempts
Paul McFadden-164 PAT attempts

I promise the 163 class is a lot smaller....