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    2 Teams that will not equal their 06 performance.

    1.saints. can you say FLUKE and OVERRATED. hurricane katrina had a big role in how the saints performed last year, they had all the emotions going in the favore and they had america behind them. this year is going to be different, unless they get hit by another hurricane they will go back to the saints we once knew. one year wonder if you ask me.

    2.Colts. Peyton finaly got a Superbowl as his window was closing, there will be no repeat, and i am going to say they will miss the playoffs alltogether, i expect a team like jacksonsville or houston to step up and take indi off the throne,there offense is by far one of the oldest in the leauge and losing 3 defensive starters will hurt as they already sucked on fefense anyway, losing cato june and nick harper will hurt alot and it will only be a mater of time before they start to slide

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    Re: 2 Teams that will not equal their 06 performance.

    I have to disagree with both your choices.

    The Saints have a very potent offense and I don't see that changing. Also they will be playing a 2nd season under their new Headcoach. I see playoffs for the Saints in 2007.

    The Colts are the Colts, Manning, Harrison, Wayne, Addai, Clark etc etc....
    As long as Peyton is healthy this team will be a threat....Playoffs for sure.

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    Re: 2 Teams that will not equal their 06 performance.

    I'm not so sure the Saints will fall. They did come out of nowhere, but I don't entirely believe in flukes unless they have to do with playing a really soft schedule or opponents losing their best players to injury or things like that. I mean they had a first year head coach and a bunch of no-names on defense and still pulled off 10 wins. The Panthers will push them for the division title, but I think the Saints can put together another good season.

    I kind of agree on the Colts. Those losses on defense are really going to hurt. Their offense will probably still be one of the top units in the league, but we Rams fans saw last year what can happen when you've got a good offense but the defense can't stop anybody.

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    Re: 2 Teams that will not equal their 06 performance.

    The two teams I guessed before I saw your choices were Indy and Chicago. For Indy, as we know a Superbowl repeat is tough to come by. Although, with Manning and co. I think they'll make the playoffs again. As long as Rex Grossman is QB in Chicago I just can't take them seriously. I know that flys in the face of their accomplishments last year, but, I just think you need more competency at the QB position to be successful.

    As far as the Saints go, I think they will have another solid year. I'm not sure they'll win as many games as they did in '06, but, I expect them to be in the hunt with the rest of us.

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    Re: 2 Teams that will not equal their 06 performance.

    Defiantly Chicago and Tennessee even though they were only 8-8. They lost all there top offensive weapons except for Vince and now they are replacing them with unproven and makeshift players.

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    Re: 2 Teams that will not equal their 06 performance.

    They're pretty bold statements, I'll give you that, but I can't agree.

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    Re: 2 Teams that will not equal their 06 performance.

    Cowboys-Romo and Wade Phillips-need I say more

    Bears-they took advantage of a very down season by the NFC,I think teams have improved and the NFC will be much tougher and they still have Rex Grossman,so 10 wins will be alot for them.

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