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    2008 NFL Predictions!

    Here's my predictions for 2008 - not the win/loss records, but the other stuff.

    1. Bill Belichick will resign when confronted with irrefutable proof of cheating. The Pats, desperate for a new HC, will find that there are only two candidates left that are eligible for hire: Denny Green and Art Shell.

    2. Alex Smith, tired of not winning, will change teams. He will lead his new team to 12 straight victories, and that team will win the Northern California Mighty Mite Championship.

    3. Brody Croyle will be in the spotlight this year, and will become the NFL's biggest star. Of course, this is only because he's in the Hollywood big screen remake of "The Monkees".

    4. Bowing to political correctness, the Washington Redskins will change their name. Starting in the 2008 season, they will be named after the politicians who inhabit their home turf: The Washington Waffles.

    5. LA finally gets an NFL team. They decide they don't want it, so they send it back to Miami.

    6. The Seahawks honor their HC by adopting the song "I Am The Walrus" as their new theme song.

    7. Tony Romo dumps his gal pal after figuring out she's getting more attention than he is. His new lady friend? Rosie O'Donnell.

    8. Brett Farve comes back one more time after Roger Goodell decides that Farve can use his walker on the field.

    9. In an effort to increase the fan base, several teams bring in new stars. The farty whiners decide to try this, but fail miserably when they sign Clay Aiken as a linebacker, and Richard Simmons as left tackle.

    10. Stan Kroenke gets fed up, dumps his other teams and buys majority interest in the Rams. He then decides to sink a lot of money into the franchise, first by getting rid of the red seats in the dome and recovering them with Rams Blue leather. His second move is firing Shaw and Ziggy and replacing them with Marshall Faulk. His final big change occurs when he takes Scott Linehan to a cattle ranch and shows him how bulls become steers. Linehan gulps when he realizes that this was a message. The Rams go 16-0 in the regular season, and begin an era of dominance that lasts for decades.

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    Re: 2008 NFL Predictions!

    Remake of the Monkees eh?

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    Re: 2008 NFL Predictions!

    I predict the 2008 NFL Regular Season will start sometime in September!

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