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    9ers Glen Coffee Retires at 23

    By Mike Sando

    The San Francisco ***** expressed surprise Friday when 2009 third-round choice Glen Coffee told the team he planned to retire from the NFL.

    Coach Mike Singletary told reporters at team headquarters in Santa Clara, Calif., that Coffee informed him of the decision Friday morning, two days before the ***** open the exhibition season at Indianapolis.

    Coffee averaged only 2.7 yards per carry for the ***** as a rookie with 226 yards, but he had put on about 10 pounds of muscle this offseason in an effort to improve his game.

    He was the No. 2 running back on the depth chart behind Pro Bowler Frank Gore.

    Veteran Michael Robinson, a special-teams standout and former college quarterback, becomes the No. 2 running back in the short term.

    The team could also turn to 2010 sixth-round pick Anthony Dixon.

    Coffee had recently been quoted saying he was looking forward to the upcoming preseason and a chance to get into games.

    Mike Sando covers the NFC West for

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    Re: 9ers Glen Coffee Retires at 23

    Wow that is either the smartest idea I have ever seen or the dumbest one. I mean he got paid a signing bonus so he probably got to keep that money and only carried the ball 83 or so times. He is losing out on more money though so I am not sure what his choice was based on.

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    Re: 9ers Glen Coffee Retires at 23

    Between him and Balmer, this has been one of the strangest camps in recent memory. Balmer probably was working with the 3rd(!) stringers and probably wasn't making the squad. But after a rough rookie season, Coffee had supposedly bulked up. I was curious to see how he looked this year. Oh well.

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    Re: 9ers Glen Coffee Retires at 23

    That's too bad for the *****. He was always going to be a bit of a grinder, but he would have been a decent backup to Gore. Now SF's runningback depth looks about as thin as ours.

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    Re: 9ers Glen Coffee Retires at 23

    Well he retired and there's nothing they can do about it. Oh well, back to the drawing board!
    Happy Valentine's!

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    Re: 9ers Glen Coffee Retires at 23

    The reason? Coffee said football is no longer his dream and his focus is on his Christian faith.

    "His (God's) will, I felt, wasn't football," Coffee said. "I felt like I forced football because everyone expected me to play football. He told me a long time ago to walk away from the game."

    To that end, he plans to return to the University of Alabama and finish his undergraduate degree in consumer affairs (he needs six hours to complete it) and then pursue a masters degree.
    Coffee also said the difficulty of ***** coach Mike Singletary's training camp was not a factor in his decision.
    "No. It's what we do. We're football players. I'm not walking away because of that," Coffee said. "As far as coach Singletary and the ***** -- Singletary, that dude is legit. He's legit on all levels. He's doing what he feels is right. It's definitely not camp (that prompted his decision) and how hard camp was. That's football."

    I wonder if God told him to give back the money?

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    Re: 9ers Glen Coffee Retires at 23

    A PFT report quotes Coffee as saying, ""Actually when I look back I feel I never should have entered the draft in the first place," Coffee said. "Football was no longer my dream. I found Christ in college. It changed my views on everything. But I still was a football player because it was expected of me, it was something I did all my life. I was basically wasting the [*****'] time." "

    The man decided his heart wasn't in football and wants to pursue, in his opinion, a 'higher calling'.

    A lot of people search their whole life and waste at least one and sometimes many career choices searching for their niche. I hope Glenn found his.

    GO RAMS!!

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    Re: 9ers Glen Coffee Retires at 23

    I followed him of course when he was at Alabama, and knew he was a man of faith after he spoke at a nearby FCA meeting. Looks like he was trying to do something else when he already knew his calling. Good for him to decide to follow it, and hopefully everything works out for him!
    The niners will be looking at Dixon now, who I saw play several times at Mississippi State. He ain't no slouch though, Dixson can be a fantastic backup and situational back for the niners for sure.

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    Re: 9ers Glen Coffee Retires at 23

    This is just really strange, what are the odds of getting to the NFL, then you make it, and just give it all up? I understand his beliefs but man this is everyones dream,well I guess this will give some other kid a opprrtunity. Im just glad this happened to the Whiners, just saying.

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    Re: 9ers Glen Coffee Retires at 23

    Higher Calling
    By Andrew Bone
    Posted Aug 16, 2010

    Plenty of athletes crave media attention whether it's a high school recruit or an NFL star who makes good or bad choices in life. Glen Coffee is one former NFL running back who surprised many when he abruptly retired from the league after one season. He is not calling for any media attention. Coffee has made a very easy, peaceful decision to serve the Lord.

    Glen Coffee was the second back behind Frank Gore for the San Francisco *****, but churning yards was no longer a goal for the former Alabama star.

    Coffee made his college choice in December of 2004 to commit to the University of Alabama. The class of 2005 saw few players who remained on the team to earn the 2009 BCS National Championship for the Crimson Tide. Several players failed to qualify, kicked off the team for violation of team rules, medical hardships, and players who transferred to smaller schools.

    The key members who did remain and wear a national championship ring today include All-American Mike Johnson, Lorenzo Washington, Brandon Deaderick, Cory Reamer, Eryk Anders, Baron Huber, Roy Upchurch and Chris Rogers.

    Coffee could have remained with his signing class and gone on to a victory at the Rose Bowl, but he opted to leave early for the NFL draft. He is following a different path today which has been more than an overnight decision.

    "I am still out in Cali right now," said Coffee. "I will probably be out here for another two weeks. I am just trying to get everything tied up. I am getting ready to move.

    "I am going to go back to Florida (Fort Walton Beach) for now. I wanted to enroll at Alabama, but I don't know yet if I will be able to do that with classes starting early. My major was Consumer Affairs. I have two classes left, so I only need six hours.

    "I don't know the plans after that. I will see if God opens the door for me to go in the ministry. The ministry is not something you can take lightly. I am not sure if I will go full time or not. Whatever God wants me to do after I get my degree I will do it."

    It wasn't leaving Tuscaloosa early which made Coffee have any regrets once he moved to San Francisco.

    "When I was at Alabama was the first time I realized this wasn't for me anymore," he said. "I didn't feel it in my heart. I found Christ when I was in my 20th year [age]. I said I was done with football. It didn't matter anymore, but if I was going to play then it was going to be to glorify His name.

    "I then had the season I did as a junior. I still didnít feel that football was my calling. I thought to myself maybe if I was getting paid then I could tolerate it. That's why I decided to leave college early. I knew at the time money couldn't buy happiness, but I disobeyed God's will and did it anyway."

    The decision was easy for Coffee, but expectations run high for great athletes. A common bond with the ***** head coach made it a little easier for him to understand about the departure.

    "When I made the decision I had total peace," Coffee said. "The thing I am most upset about is I fought with the decision because it was what the world expected of me. I had the talent and the ability to play football in the NFL. It's not God's will for me to play football, and thatís why I made the decision.

    "I told the ***** on Friday morning about my decision. They were shocked. I was having a good camp, and I am a hard worker. At first they were surprised. Coach [Mike] Singletary, now that's a man who chases after Jesus. He loves the Lord, and it was a blessing to talk to him.

    "He told me to follow my heart. He said if my heart wasnít in football then it wasn't the right place for me. He told me it was my decision. He said if I walked out the door then I was walking out the door. I will say Christ was in that meeting. It was two Christians having a great talking with each other.

    "I talked to my teammates about my decision. They understand why I made the choice. I will say when it's all said and done your true fans will always understand. They will always support you. In the end my teammates were supportive.

    "I had not talked to my family recently about my decision. God and I alone needed to discuss it and work it out. I needed to hear it from Him. My family has mixed views on football. It's mixed feelings now about my decision. It's something I will have to pray on. Everyone isnít going to be pleased no matter who you are."

    Coffee was a like a rock star in Tuscaloosa as with many athletes across any college campus. He enjoyed the party scene, but it was one individual who helped change his life.

    "I had a roommate named Matt Watson," Coffee said. "I saw something in him. It was the first time I had looked at another guy and said, 'whatever it is you have I need it in my life'. He was living for Christ. I could see Christ beside him.

    "He just gave me instant wisdom. Christ opened my eyes to the truth of the world and why we are here. It was a rush. There was no turning back. I saw it in my roommate, and I told Christ I was ready to receive. I knew what I was on this earth to do.

    "I didn't want to play football anymore. I played football my whole life. When I was a little kid it was always my dream to play in the NFL. I knew it wasn't for me. It wasn't what Christ was calling me to do. I fought it for so long."

    Coffee left Alabama after rushing for 1,383 yards and 10 touchdowns, averaging 5.9 yards a carry during his junior season. He was named First Team All-SEC by the Associated Press. He was selected in the third round (No. 74) by the San Francisco *****. He rushed for 226 yards last season.

    Coffee is proud of the accomplishments of his former college teammates, but a much higher level has his attention.

    "I am glad I left, but I didnít leave for the right reasons," Coffee said. "I only played because I cared about my teammates. I wanted to play for them and not let anyone down. I always wanted to be there for them.

    "It's great they had the opportunity to win the national championship. I don't regret not being there. I don't want to upset anyone, but I am not too worried about championships. When I walk through the golden gates of Heaven I am not going to be judged on how many championships I won."

    Coffee has walked away from the game of football, but his path of life is in great hands.

    "As far as ever going back to play football that won't happen," Coffee said. "I have told Christ I am done. I have sounded the battle alarm. You can't tell Christ let's go into battle and then change your mind. It doesnít work like that. If it's ever His will for me to coach then it will be done.

    "My plan right now is to go back to school first and foremost. Christ will open up a door when it's meant to be open. I am going to glorify His name. That's how I am going do everything in life.

    "I am at peace with my decision. I have never felt like this before. Before a high school game when you have all the butterflies floating is how I feel right now. My master is everyone elseís master. I have nothing to worry about."

    This is not my typical area of coverage with FoxSports/, but you develop relationships through the years of covering high school football players and keep in contact. Glen Coffee is definitely a player who remains on the all-time favorites list, and for good reason.

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