I overheard the funniest conversation earlier this evening! Al Davis had apparently called Kiffin into his office, and at first I thought, "Oh boy, this is it! The Donald Trump moment!", but to my amazement, it didn't go down like that at all! Here's what was said....

Davis (looking really creepy): As you know, Lane, I haven't been too thrilled with you for some time now.

Kiffin (looking down at shoes): Yes, I know.

Davis (in his best Godfather impersonation): You have 30 seconds to make your case. Why should I keep you around here?

Kiffin (now smiling from ear to ear, looks into Davis' eyes): Scott Linehan still has a job! And he REALLY sucks!

Davis (breaking into a total belly laugh): That is so true! Good one there, kiddo, I needed that! Want a beer? I got some in the fridge right there.

Now, I'll spare the rest of the verbatim, but let us just say that the guys were going over the boneheaded moves by Linefartfaceknucklehead until the wee hours of the morning, laughing so loudly they could be heard halfway down the block. When it was over, there was nothing for Adam Schefter to report on, which is why we haven't heard much.