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    All 4 Wildcard Teams are knocked out!

    8 Division winners left. Which brings us to some intriging matchups. This is suprising as there are usually a couple of upsets in the 1st round of the Playoffs.

    Which matchup are you looking forward to the most?

    It's close for me but I think the (Patriots at Chargers) is slightly more interesting than the Colts at Ravens. I want to see the Chargers knock off the Patriots!!!

    Having said that I'll be routing for who ever comes out of the NFC (except the Seahawks) come SUPERBOWL time.

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    Re: All 4 Wildcard Teams are knocked out!

    I'm looking forward to Eagles at Saints and Colts at Ravens myself.

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    Re: All 4 Wildcard Teams are knocked out!

    I'm also looking forward to seeing the Chargers demolish the Patriots.

    ...and I'm still sticking with my Chargers vs. Seahawks Superbowl prediction.

    I'm not confident the Hawks will make it, but I'd prefer to see them or the Saints in there over the Bears or Eagles. The Hawks have the talent, but they need to start playing like I think they're capable of playing. They can't continue to rely on botched FG attempts.

    I don't see anyone beating the Chargers, except maybe the Chargers. Marty may once again get in the way, or the inexperience of Rivers may cost them, but they should finally get their first SB victory this year. I take that back. The Ravens scare me a bit. They could give the Chargers problems.


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