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    Re: Am I a bad person?

    What really bugs me about the TO situation is that I know that its just a matter of time before the revisionists chime in. If TO has a few good games, we'll be hearing how TO is a changed man, how Parcells is the one who changed him, how Andy Reid, Brad Childress and Donovan McNabb were partly to blame for TO's antics in Philly, and how shrewd the Cowboys are for acquiring TO...

    That is, until TO gets upset because he doesn't get the ball thrown to him in the fourth quarter of a loss, or somebody gets a big contract...

    At least we can take comfort in the fact that in a couple of years, age will start catching up with TO, and he'll just be another big-mouthed has-been.

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    Re: Am I a bad person?

    If i had to pick one guy to get injured, it would be rodney harrison. i will never forgive him for the cheap shot on trent green.
    Karma already took care of that.

    As far as TO, I hate his antics but I respcet the hell out of his ability. If a year of drama, in which the team wasn't going to accomplish anything anyway(2005 Eagles) is the price of going to the Super Bowl(2004 Eagles) then most teams would probably pay it. Dallas will be a serious contender with Owens barring injury. If they can deal with Deion and Irvin, I think they'll be able to manage Owens. Just get him the ball.

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