As of week 7, we have 11 teams at 2-4 or worse. What's worse is that collectively, these 11 teams have only managed to beat Buffalo (twice), NY Jets, and Philadelphia. The rest of their wins have come against each other. If bad teams hadn't gotten to play each other in match-ups like Carolina vs. Washington, we'd have 8 winless teams at this point.

I think it's fair to say that Tennessee, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Kansas City, Cleveland, Detroit, Washington, Cleveland, Seattle, and Carolina are all still in the running for the title of "Worst Team in the League". Miami is the only team on the 2-4 (or less) list that still looks like it might be able to turn the season around. These days, bad teams only beat other bad teams.

Is it just me or is there an unusually high number of really awful teams this year?