One of the writers for the website was on Sirius radio's fantasy football program talking about his impressions of the team. I'll try and recap what was said.

-Warner looks accurate in practice, but the writer is very uncertain if the interior of the offensive line is going to be able to protect him. It was mentioned how in NY, Warner started 9 games and was sacked 39 times while Manning started 7 games and was sacked 13 times. General consensus was that Warner needed air tight protection to really be effective, and that McCown might see time because of his mobility outside the pocket. The writer sounded sure that he'd see both guys this season.

-Impressions of the new offensive line coach, who was cut as a player last year, haven't been good in practice, but he could turn it around in training camp. The writer mentioned how you don't have to be a good player to be a good coach, but didn't sound very optimistic about this guy.

-Mentioned that right now, Shipp is the starter, but he expects Arrington to be the man going into the season. He claimed that Arrington will probably see time on first and third down because of his speed and ability to get to the outside and break away for a TD, but on power running downs, guys like Shipp or maybe even Hambrick will see time, especially in goalline situations. Arrington, the writer suspects, may be too small to see more than 20 carries a game max, and may not have the size and ability to be an adequate pass blocker for Kurt Warner when picking up the blitz, so that could cut into his third down time. He said visually, in terms of physical comparisons, he'd compare Arrington to Leeland McElroy, which the announcers laughed at since it's not a very favorable comparison, but the writer emphasized it was a looks thing only.

-The receiving situation was brought up, and they said that Anquan Boldin was effective in 2003 out of the slot, but the Cardinals are intent on using him on the outside so that Fitzgerald can be used in the slot, which has been Dennis Green's goal ever since drafting him. The writer said that Fitz had a good rookie season, but could have done better, and that he still struggles with press coverage at the line of scrimmage, but has amazing hand-eye-body coordination. The writer says that as of now, Bryant Johnson is going to be the receiver that the Cardinals use as their deep threat target despite the fact that he doesn't have elite speed. The writer claims that the Cardinals feel confident that the lack of speed will be made up for by Warner's accuracy, if he has time to throw.

-The writer said the defense is probably going to have to carry the offense for the beginning of the season, considering how many new players the offense looks to be starting: new QB, new RB, new ORT, new TE, etc etc. He talked about how Antrel Rolle indeed lacks elite speed, which is why he likes playing guys close to the line and being physical with them up front, but that eventually Rolle should develop into a very solid corner to play alongside David Macklin. The writer really talked up the defense, saying how the Cardinals now have two legit pass rushers at defensive end as well as a guy like Dansby who can rush from the OLB position, but then talked about Robert Griffith and Orlando Huff being players for them, which frankly I'm hesitant to see.