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    Bernie on Lovie

    Bernie hit everything on the head here!!!


    Lovie hasn't been very good in big games.

    The prevent defense and no blitzing at the end of the Super Bowl loss to NE...

    Never adjusting his defense and never getting a hobbled and incredibly ineffective Tommy Polley off the field in the home playoff loss to Carolina that ended the 2003 season...

    As coach of the Bears, inexplicably setting up his defense for single coverage against Carolina's Steve Smith in the home playoff loss that ended the Bears' season...

    Yes, wins over Seattle (barely) and New Orleans this past postseason.... but he was fortunate that Sean Payton had an ego attack in the NFC Championship and was terrible in calling plays (not running the ball, which you can do against the Bears, as thoroughly proven by Seattle and Indianapolis in the playoffs).

    But in the Super Bowl, one of the worst HC performances ever -- kept the safeties back all game, never adjusted, and let the Colts run the ball and let Manning pick them clean underneath.


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    Re: Bernie on Lovie

    These are points very well made by bernie in my opinion and he doesnt even reference the play calling in the superbowl where the bears failed to commit to running the ball which was by far their best shot of winning the game.

    Is he a good head coach? Yes i think so. Is he as good as people make him out to be? No.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Bernie on Lovie

    "I'm sorry, but Lovie Smith let us all down," said Tony Dungy, the first African-American head coach to win a Super Bowl. "I'm sorry, I love the guy—you know Lovie used to work for me—but he was totally outcoached out there. He looked lost—the other team had him spinning his wheels, looking helpless, unable to cover his weaknesses. It infuriates me that America had to see a black man so totally outmaneuvered in the biggest game of the season."

    "Face it, Lovie got beat bad," Dungy added. "America really needed an African-American coach to win that game. And thanks to Lovie Smith, we got to see an African-American lose."
    It is pretty hard to contest that quote...


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