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Thread: Best QB ever

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    DaddoRam Guest
    Johnny U or Elway is a close call for best ever. Neither Montana nor Namath belongs in the top ten. I'd put BOTH Unitas and Elway, in addition to Marino, Otto Graham, Steve Young (so this isn't JUST about hating the whiners) Warren Moon, and Roger Staubach ahead of both. Namath's one famous Super Bowl win has blinded us to the fact that he was a pretty good, but not great, QB. Montana was part of a great system, not a great QB. Steve Young was the better of the whiners QBs.

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    The Limey Guest
    Steve Young in the top 10 and not Montana?
    Debatable, if not insane!

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    I'm a big Warner fan also because of what he has done so far, but he does not belong in this conversation yet. My pick would have to be, and I do hate to say this, but Joe Montana was pretty good. Dan Marino could sling the ball also, just didn't have the team as consistent as Montana.

    Blasts from the pasts are:

    Fran Tarkenton
    Ken Stabler
    Len Dawson
    Daryl Lamonica
    Bart Starr

    However, I may have to say that the best arm could quite possibly go to Bert Jones of the Colts.

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    Originally posted by txramsfan

    However, I may have to say that the best arm could quite possibly go to Bert Jones of the Colts.
    Wow,thats a name I havent heard in a while.I thought Jones was once on the Rams roster and I checked the Clanram database and sure enough Bert Jones was listed on the roster in 1982.I dont remember him playing,but I remember the Rams signing him.If not for injuries, Jones could have been one of the all time greats I think.

    :angryram: GO RAMS!STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:
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    sprtsmac Guest

    I have to jump in

    I was reading all these and decided that I had to put my opinion in. First, lets start off with the Niner's QB's. Young stepped into the system that had receivers such as Taylor and Rice. The system started with Montana and he had receivers like Freddie Soloman, Renaldo Neihameya(something like that) and Dwight Clark. Montana-4 super bowls, Young-1 super bowl. Oh yeah, Montana did not throw a single interception in a super bowl game. Speaking of interceptions. If you look into stats; you will see that some of the best QB's in the game did not have the best stats. Elway and Marino, lots of TD and lots picks. So did Namath and Bradshaw. Elway had a lot of 4th quarter comebacks in his career, but lets not forget that he put his team in that position with his play. But what made the great QB's great were their ability to win and win when they had to. So if you look at that; the best QB's would be between Johnny Unitas and Joe Montana. And in my opinion, no two QB's knew how to win more than these 2.

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    LAFAN1968 Guest

    QB's past

    Hello ya'll, after considering the players,my age,and many feats by a lot of the aboved mentioned groups. I feel that it's pretty hard coming up with a certain # 1 qb in the NFL. It's fun to think about whom one would pick for the top spot. Elway had comebacks,Montana(UUGGHHH!)had clock management as did Unitas,Fran ran,Staubach had players,Bradshaw players around him HELPED alot, Namath was pretty good (ladies helped him),so there's alot of good ones.One could say that Bartkowski was/could have been great,but as now the falcons dont spend $$$$ to get better peeps,oh well. But think about the NFC West qb's, NO not ONE qb in the halls of good,as is today's time, NO NO NO saints qb's!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe manning ,but no one else HAHAHAHA

    See ya,

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