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    Brian Billick was fired by Baltimore. Billick probably brings Rex Ryan with him to the next team, why not make it St. Louis. There shouldn't be one person on this board that says Linehan is better coach than Billick. Billick is an offensive guy, and given that we still have a crap load of tallent on offense is shouldn't be much of an issue to get it to work for him. He's got his power running back in Jackson, and a quarterback which his offense has bee been missing all his time at Baltimore.

    Rex Ryan did wonders for Baltimore with his dads 46 defense, he might be able to lure Suggs over here. The defense might take a little to get it to the championship level it was at in Baltimore, but it sure beats throwing up a year watching Linehan stutter on a microphone.

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    Re: Billick

    I'm not one for snap decisions, but.........I'd do it. Billick, I'm ambivalent. However, the thought of bringing in Ryan and the possibility of Suggs coming with is enough to make me pull the lever.

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