There is always a danger of standing-by-your-man when you should kick him to the curb. S. Lenahan, S. Spagnuolo, and M. Martz once where captains at the helm--should the Rams give each of them just one more year? A lot of NFL success or failure as HC is a product of the personalities, intellect, and talent they collect around them.

Some how Bill Belichick surrounds himself with OC/DC, and assistant coaches that work well for the Pats but usually are duds when giving a chance to run teams on their own. I can't fathom his success there. Some teams go into a death spiral when an OC or DC leaves.

I use to think that if a HC doesn't find a QB and be able to maximize his abilities as well as putting together a team chemistry it was all over. I now see that a working relationship within the coaches are equally important. Perhaps in this day of the high dollar teams and the WIN-now mind set of teams, that dynasty teams are mostly a thing of the past