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    Blount signs with *****

    I know he is risky but I hate seeing big potential go to those guys.

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    Re: Blount signs with *****

    I really wished we would have signed him with our last pick.

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    Re: Blount signs with *****

    This is a curious move by Blount if you ask me. Gore and Coffee play the style that Blount brings which means he's already put himself behind the 8-ball. He should have signed with a team looking to add a bulldozer for 15 carries a game.

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    Re: Blount signs with *****

    Changed his mind. Going to the Titans instead...

    Source: LeGarrette Blount to join the Titans | National Football Post

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    Re: Blount signs with *****

    Makes sense. Adding on to what Walrus already said, the Niners also drafted Anthony Dixon in the sixth, a 235 lb back with a similar style to Gore and Coffee as well. Blount can go to Tennessee and compete for that #2 spot and fill the role voided by White.

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    Re: Blount signs with *****

    What makes anyone think that blount has big potential (other than as a post game puncher?). 32 teams did not believe that he had big potential, so i am just curious on what basis anyone thinks that is the case. Possible, sure, but likely, certainly not in the extreme (the number of undrafted free agents that contribute on nfl rosters is pretty darn low).

    Ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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