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    Re: Breaking News: Bad News

    Quote Originally Posted by maltz88
    Actually it's almost the opposite. The only way the hawks will have any dead money is if they have to release Alexander before year #4.
    At his age, that's a distinct possibility. All it would take would be one little ligament tear or broken bone, and he'd be a prime candidate for the scrap heap. That's just how it is with older RBs these days (See Jamaal Lewis, Edgerin James, etc.)

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    sbramfan Guest

    Re: Breaking News: Bad News

    I think the Seahawks will cross that bridge when they get to it in a few years. In the meantime, they were in the Superbowl and are keeping the team that got them there together. It's what you have to do in that situation to make another run at it.

    Yes, like the Rams, in a few years all these big name guys that they have managed to retain will start to pile up big cap numbers, and they will have to pull back, but it's so hard to get to the top that you have to do whatever you can to stay there as long as possible.

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    Re: Breaking News: Bad News

    Quote Originally Posted by Welker83
    thats great news! Now he can go back to being the player he was before his "contract" season....
    Thats very very true

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    Re: Breaking News: Bad News

    yeah true, but i dont care is shaun alexander is with the hawks forever, this rebuilt rams D that will come in 2006 will make sure he wont run over the rams anymore.

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