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    Brett Favre anyone?

    I figured I had to ask, I mean with all these other four pillar guys getting our attention these days ...

    I mean, a new shoulder, all the drama and media attention we could ever want, nearly 40 years old! We could definitely build a team around this guy ...

    Sure, he has one of the highest INT rates in NFL history, but geez, we need a good ole' southern boy to build these pillars around. Maybe we can even get him to retire as a Ram after his one season with us before he moves on to finally play for the Vikes ...

    I bet Deanna would even be an assistant coach. How about Drama Quality Control coach? Maybe Favre could summon the ghost of Vince Lombardi and buy Lambeau field and move it to St. Louis ...

    Didn't you see that 6 TD game he had last year against the Cards! GUAR-AN-DAMN-TEED NFC west champs with this guy on board. Just make sure you have your Brett bricks handy ...

    WOOHOO! Favre and Rams, 2010 Super Bowl bound! Write it down boys ...

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    Re: Brett Favre anyone?

    Quote Originally Posted by RamsInfiniti View Post
    Sure, he has one of the highest INT rates in NFL history, but geez, we need a good ole' southern boy to build these pillars around.
    But he also leads every single other passing category as well, give the guy some credit.

    And I wouldn't put Brett in the same category as the other guys we have been talking about... Vick, Brandon Marshall, Plaxico. IMHO the only thing the guy has done is love the game. It is the media who won't let it go. Didn't Junior Seau "retire" a couple of times. He isn't considered a guy who "breaks" the pillars.

    I realize you don't really think Farve has a place on this team, and I see what your trying to do, I just don't think Farve was your best choice. Maybe someone like Pacman would have related better. Hey that gives me an idea....

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    Re: Brett Favre anyone?

    As a QB-coach sure why not, but as a QB?--NO!

    He still has flashes of brilliance and he is a great on-field presents. But is annual drama of retiring and staying retired or coming back is itself a distraction.

    Lets say the Rams got Brett and he gets the Rams to the playoffs. Ok--what about the next year--how long do the Rams have to wait for him to deside if he is retired or not. Assuming he roles on and stays on the team, just how long will the Rams have him as QB?

    Nature is cure...fact is he is getting older and potentually if he keeps it up, some LB will cream him and he will not leave the field on his own power.

    Lastly, every one knows Brett is in his twilight years as a QB, so while he is in the way, playing, the Rams loose an opportunity to develop a QB of the future

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