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    Brian Young has been a Monster for New Orleans

    I am not a Saints fan, but I spent 12yrs. living in Saints country. So, unfortunately, I was forced to watch them on Sunday's due to regional broadcasts.

    I since then have moved to Austin, TX where there is an amazing sports bar called Shoal Creek Saloon. Which just so happens to have a giant VW converted ski lift/ Saints helmet on top of the roof. It truley is a inspiring atmosphere for real fans. I mean they actually chant "Who Dat gonna beat Dem Saints" which is lead by the Chef upon each New Orleans score. It can become quite deafening, the place is usually packed to the ceiling. Being from Lousiana I and some of my relocated cajun breathren would frequent the saloon on Sundays to watch the Saint's play (I assure you that I was merely there for the Gumbo).

    One thing I noticed along with how much I was willing to pay for Gumbo in Texas was the play of Brian Young. The guy has been an animal for NOLA. I really wish we would have never let that guy go. Didn't the Rams let him go the year they drafted Kennedy? His salary couldn't have been that much. Is he a free agent anytime soon?

    Hell, I wish we still have Jeff Zgonia and his cankles. Or even the wrestling DT Farr. Can we call Gilbert out of retirement because quite frankly I'm really sick of Kennedy. Does anybody know how much this big pile of you know what is making? He's been nothing but a dissapointment and his rookie card aint worth squat.

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    Re: Brian Young has been a Monster for New Orleans

    Amen to your rants on Jimmy Kennedy. I've never been a fan of him.

    Brian Young played well for us, but has really caused some havoc on the front four for the New Orlean Saints. Sadly, I don't think he'll be on the market anytime soon, though.


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