Once again ed hocculi has decided that the stealers have already won, and they have to lose to prove otherwise. In the span of four plays (incluing a kick return) to complete the Titans' first drive, the stealers got away with 3 major penalties. Roughing the Passer (twice) on the QB Sack (both blows to the head, one removing the helmet), pass interference in the endzone (on third down), and holding on the kick return.

What caused the game to be turned off was a fumble at the 1 inch line that was ruled a touchdown after significant review.

To show that I am not biased in my own assesment, they did miss a pretty blantant facemask on the Titans. Although, the result of the play was already a first down, and the facemask wouldn't have been much of an assist. I believe it would only have been half the distance.

The nfl has absolutely no integrity. I only watch the games to see the officials fail to cause their chosen team to win the game. How about they give both teams a fair chance to win the game?