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    Republican Ram Guest

    Angry Browns fans RULE!!!!

    They are diffently the best fans in football. Without a doubt. I would love to be a Browns fan, I just love being a Rams fan too much!!

    Here is the thing, I have been brutalized by stadium security all over the country at games. Never at the Dome, thank God. I have been in a couple of brawls, I have been booted from a couple stadiums; The stadium at University of Kansas, Hauck Feild at South East Missouri St, The stadium at University of Illinois St. etc....

    Security at football games is zealous and thanks to these fans, it's gonna get worse.

    I will say this though, security at Rams games is good. The ushers are friendly, they don't harass people and they themselves are good football fans.

    Go Rams
    God Bless the Browns Fans,
    Republican Ram

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    DaddoRam Guest
    those Browns fans disgraced all real football fans. What a bunch of idiots. You support throwing objects onto the field? Are you glad about the people who were injured from flying bottles? What happened in Cleveland was an embarrassment. NOBODY should support them, or their equals in the stands in New Orleans last night.

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    Mr.Blond Guest

    yeah but

    Did you see the stupid call the Refs made?!! I'm with you RepRam. Browns fans have lived with the owner taking away their team in the middle of the night and then fighting to keep the name 'Browns' and being stuck with an expansion team. They are TRUE fans and i wish them nothing but luck in the future.
    That call was hideous, a f*&^ing joke. I only wish the Ref who made that call got pinged off by a Bud light, right between the eyes.
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    I don't care how bad a ref makes the call, I will not throw a beer bottle on the field. PERIOD. No call is that bad in the grand scheme of things to put other people at risk from a beer bottle I throw.

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    Not to mention...

    Wasting a good beer...

    This space for rent...

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    Warner13 Guest
    How could someone support the browns fans, even if they have fought for their team though all those years where they didnt have one. I guess some of the people who go to the games their choose to support their team by throwing objects at the officals, SAD world we live in nowadays:upset:

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    No matter how bad the calls, no matter how bad the play there's no excuse for throwing bottles onto the pitch. we have all suffered from bad calls either as players or fans, it's part of playing sports. Love or hate it , it's a fact of playing sport:upset:


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    DaddoRam Guest
    Cleveland now rivals Philadelphia for the worst, most classless fans in the NFL. What a bunch of idiots.

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