TAMPA - Bucs wide receiver Keenan McCardell made several strides Monday in an effort to resolve his contract holdout. When his journey was over, though, McCardell realized he'd gotten nowhere.
McCardell flew from his home in Houston to Tampa to meet with Bucs coach Jon Gruden, but said the meeting left his situation unchanged.

``While I have not changed my feelings or intentions concerning my situation, I decided to fly into town to personally meet with Coach Gruden in an effort to come to a mutually beneficial resolution to my holdout, whether by trade or otherwise,'' McCardell said in a statement.

``We both aired our views concerning the situation. Unfortunately, nothing was resolved, so I will return to Houston to continue my holdout.''

Gruden was unavailable for comment on the meeting.

McCardell has two years remaining on a contract that was slated to pay him $2.5 million this year and $2.75 million next year, but he is seeking close to the $4.4 million average being paid No. 1 receivers.

McCardell contends several teams, including Chicago and Kansas City, have submitted trade offers to the Bucs, but Bucs general manager Bruce Allen has denied that claim.

Roy Cummings