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    burress and stallworth-what a pair!

    Do you think if one teams signs both burress and dante stallworth they will install a run (over) and shoot offense? I didnt make that up, i read it on another site. Pretty witty.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: burress and stallworth-what a pair!

    That would be quite a pair.

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    Re: burress and stallworth-what a pair!


    I see what you did there...

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    Re: burress and stallworth-what a pair!

    All Burress did was;

    1) Carry a gun (how many Americans don't?) Yes, it was not his/unregistered, I know the facts
    2) Shoot himself on accident.

    All Stallworth did was ;
    1) Drive while intoxicated
    2) Eventually kill a person in the process (yes the person was J-walking, apparantly).

    If I had to lay the cards down, I would have to say, they both made a big mistake, and in fact, I would say that Burress doesn't deserve to be compared to Stallworth, who actually KILLED SOMEONE ELSE.

    Burress shot himself, and paid the physical price. Stallworth will apparantly never feel the reprocussions of what he has done, as he doesn't even think any of it is his fault, and will likely act in the same manner in the future.

    Maybe you should think in a different manner. Drunk driving kills more people in America than unregistered and OR registered guns do, by a TON.

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    Re: burress and stallworth-what a pair!


    Burress, Stallworth, Little, Vick the list goes on and on and continues to grow.

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    Re: burress and stallworth-what a pair!

    laram0, its a mad mad world out there.

    Problem is as a society, we all loose sight as to whats really important at times. People are willing to have all the Stalwarts/Burress/Littles/Vicks and what not if it means winning...pity

    More that its sad that a lot of these players if they didn't have talent wouldn't even ahve made it into college if they had to rely on brain matter. That is perhaps the worste statement that an insitution for learning is compromised in its stated goal--just for the sake of winning.

    Then to add insult to the injury, they are further rewarded by making into the pros with lots of cash, fame, and held up (till they screw up) as icons of society. Small wonder why this country has issues

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    Re: burress and stallworth-what a pair!

    It's all stupid to me... I am kinda curious about how fast these guys were driving while drunk. I mean I know obviously they were going fast enough to kill someone but.. how fast is that? not justifying it in anyway... DD is stupid in any way shape or form and especially on the level they are is completly unecessary.. just genreal curiosity..


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