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    Bralidore(RAMMODE) Guest

    Bye Bye Kurt....

    Well supposedly Cardinals Qb Kurt Warner is expected to announce his retirement this Friday, according to multiple news sources.

    Actually expected to make a decision, but most believe he will retire, as do I.

    Let's not call it final just yet. We know how guys have emotional surges when training camp rolls around.

    I don't know whether to hope he leaves (and gives our DBs a break) or stays...
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    Re: Bye Bye Kurt....

    I hope he retires, his days as a rams are over and I think I speak for everyone when I say we are eternally grateful. However all he does now is hand us an additional two losses a year.

    Good luck kurt, we will see you in the Hall Of Fame soon enough.

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    TheRammer Guest

    Re: Bye Bye Kurt....

    Yes i hope he does retire and i also hope he wont chance damaging himself anymore...on a side note he will still be helping us by not beatingus anymore like old order said haha here comes the Leinart saga!

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    Re: Bye Bye Kurt....

    Obviously playing for a divison foe Kurt hasn't done us any favors but he will be missed. The man is a class act and the League needs more guys like him.

    Good Luck Mr. Warner!

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    Bralidore(RAMMODE) Guest

    Re: Bye Bye Kurt....

    The Kurt Warner Saga Officially Ends...

    Just announced his retirement. Heard it live on 101 ESPN. Sad day in sports. Well at least Bartell and Fletcher have a greater chance of actually getting an interception now..

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