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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Re: Cameron To Ravens

    The Rams did NOT get their man.

    Shaw and Zygmunt could've easily seen all this coming, but they're out to lunch with other priorities.

    The idea of giving Linehan another year has been an unmitigated disaster.

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    Re: Cameron To Ravens

    Quote Originally Posted by r8rh8rmike View Post
    I'm not surprised either. Cameron had been on the Rams radar for some time and the inability to get a deal done pretty much indicated he wasn't enamored with being in St. Louis.

    It makes sense that Cameron would go to Baltimore to be reunited with good friend and former coaching partner John Harbaugh.

    Getting hired by a friend you've worked with in the past. Interesting.
    Wow! I thought only Linehan hired friends.

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    Re: Cameron To Ravens

    The only logical conclusion to draw after this news is that it was the Rams' fault this didn't work out. They obviously didn't do enough and were too lazy to make this happen. I mean, it's not as if a respected national reporter said we were pushing hard for Cameron to join the staff. It's not as if Cameron's name had been on the Rams' radar since they began looking for Olson's replacement. It's not as if the local media reported that head coach Scott Linehan called Cameron personally to inquire about the job opening. It's not as if the Rams had set up an interview with Cameron for later this week or anything.

    No, besides the Rams' own incompetence, there just weren't any other factors that could have swayed Cameron one way or the other. Cameron's decision certainly couldn't have had anything to do with the more stable ownership and coaching situation in Baltimore, or the fact that Baltimore has more recent success than the Rams, or the fact that he'd be working with a friend and former associate in Baltimore. It certainly couldn't have mattered to Cameron, who now will have coached at three different places in the last three years, that the job security in Baltimore is likely much better than that in St. Louis.

    The story of this failed hiring is pretty simple - Cameron had no other options on the table, but the Rams still managed to mess it up by not seriously pursuing him in any fashion.

    Case closed. :x

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    Re: Cameron To Ravens

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris58 View Post
    Wow! I thought only Linehan hired friends.
    They must be srceaming bloody murder in Baltimore.....

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