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    Claude Terrell arrested for rape

    by VanRam on Feb 17, 2011 9:15 PM CST

    Former St. Louis Rams offensive lineman Claude Terrell has been arrested for rape in Texas City, TX today. Terrell is accused of beating and forcing sex on a woman at gunpoint for a period of seven hours. It's a pretty horrific crime by any measure.
    Terrell hasn't played football in the NFL since the Rams kicked his sorry arse to the curb in October 2007, when he was arrested for domestic assault on his wife...while he was on probation for another assault.
    The Rams drafted Terrell in the fourth round of the 2005 NFL draft. It was a banner year for character as the Rams also drafted Richie Incognito that year. Still, all the boneheaded plays in the world can't compare to the level of crime Terrell is charged with.

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    Re: Claude Terrell arrested for rape

    I hate that the Rams get lumped in with this dirtbag. Sure he USED to play for the Rams, but now he is just some rapist

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    Re: Claude Terrell arrested for rape

    Thank goodness we had already cut him loose before this happened!

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    Re: Claude Terrell arrested for rape

    Might want to keep this thread handy for future discussions where people want to completely ignore the Four Pillars when taking a chance on a guy with questionable character...

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    Re: Claude Terrell arrested for rape

    Was wroten in that draft also? If so, it might be the first rams draft in history with two felons and the dirtiest player in the league.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Claude Terrell arrested for rape

    i always thought he was cut because the Rams wanted him to have wrist surgery and he refused it..i wish i was still in blissful ignorance..what a vile scumbag. in Texas does anyone know the penalty for such a crime..considering he has "form" in beating on ladies etc..?
    i think rapists should get atleast the same penalty as murderers. least with some murders you could be a decent person who just snapped after being mentally tormented,self defense etc.. there`s absolutely no excuse for rape.

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    Re: Claude Terrell arrested for rape

    GALVESTON — Former St. Louis Rams guard and La Marque football all-star Claude Terrell is accused of beating and forcing sex on a Texas City woman at gunpoint during a seven-hour ordeal, Texas City police said on Thursday.

    Terrell, released by the Rams in 2007 after his arrest on charges of assaulting his wife, was arrested Monday night in Houston, Texas City police spokesman Cpt. Brian Goetschius said.

    Terrell was arrested Nov. 19 on charges of assaulting the same woman, he said. No attorney had been appointed to represent Terrell on the latest charges.

    The woman, whose name is being withheld because she is a sexual assault victim, was attacked Monday after dropping her children off at school and returning to her Texas City apartment at about 8:30 a.m., Goetschius said.

    Terrell, 28, was waiting for her when she arrived and had found her .38-caliber handgun, he said.

    Terrell is accused of beating and sexually assaulting her until about 3:30 p.m., Goetschius said.

    "It was a day full of terror and torment," he said.

    Police received a call about 5 p.m. from Mainland Medical Center, where they found the badly bruised woman, he said.

    At the request of prosecutors, Terrell's $25,000 bail for the Nov. 19 assault was revoked Thursday, then doubled to $50,000, Galveston County Assistant District Attorney James Haugh said.

    Terrell remains in the Galveston County jail with bail set at $600,000 on the latest charges: burglary with intended sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault and aggravated kidnapping, each a felony carrying a sentence of from five to 99 years imprisonment or life. He also is charged with enhanced family violence with a sentence ranging from two to 10 years.

    Terrell is serving three years probation from Harris County for a 2007 family assault charge, Haugh said.
    Hope they give him the max 99 years and let him get prison raped over and over til the day he dies. What a piece of trash.

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    Re: Claude Terrell arrested for rape

    All the talent in the world and a chance to use it, only to end up like this. Pure scum, plain and simple. What a waste of humanity.

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