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    Congrats stealers

    Condolences to Tony Dungy. I was really hoping he would get to the SB this year. Looks like a playoff game is Payton's kryptonite.

    It's also sadder for me because I don't care too much for the stealers. I admire Cowher, but have a dislike for the rest of the organization.


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    Re: Congrats stealers

    The colts peaked too soon. You wonder how much focus they lost with the death of dungys son. They are one of the best teams ever to lose in the first round of the playoffs. choke job! If the 2001 rams hadd lost in round 1, imagine what people would have said about martz. lets see if anyone wants dungy fired.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Congrats stealers

    Pittsburgh will not beat Denver. Next year the stealers will be back.
    So will the Rams.

    I want a rematch of Superbowl XIV. I wasn't a Rams fan then, but I work with a guy who continously rubs in how great the stealers are.

    I wanna see Little sack Rothlisberger six times next year....we gotta get back to the dance! Then, I can brag how much better my Rams are than the stealers, and then hear Kevin whine....



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