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    Cowboys haven't made a move to re-sign Vinny

    Cowboys haven't made a move to re-sign Vinny
    By Jennifer Floyd Engel
    Star-Telegram Staff Writer

    IRVING - If the Cowboys wanted to, they could re-sign quarterback Vinny Testaverde today, his agent said.

    "If they come to the table with a good offer ... certainly, with [Cowboys coach] Bill [Parcells] now doing it his way, I think there is no question he would sign," Testaverde's agent, Mike Azzarelli said Thursday.

    The question is: Do the Cowboys want to?

    Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said on numerous occasions last season that he could see bringing Testaverde back for another season and making him the starter. But with 19 days remaining until the free-agency signing period begins, the Cowboys have not contacted Azzarelli about re-signing the 41-year-old quarterback.

    "I'm sure they will make a decision very shortly and try to re-sign him or take their chances that he'll be available," Azzarelli said. "But, if somebody comes to the table with an offer, it would be crazy for him to wait."

    The Cowboys have exclusive negotiating rights until March 2, when the New York Jets are likely to join the bidding.

    The Jets' starter, Chad Pennington, recently had rotator-cuff surgery, and his availability for training camp is questionable. They need a veteran backup who can step in until Pennington is ready, which, of course, was Testaverde's job before he signed with the Cowboys last season.

    "If Dallas doesn't want him, [the Jets] would be a great fit," Azzarelli said. "[Parcells] knows a couple of teams are after him."

    Parcells also realizes that, in the salary-cap world of the NFL, it is sometimes wise to wait and see who becomes available.

    There is a chance Buffalo might waive quarterback Drew Bledsoe if he is unwilling to be a backup. Seattle's Matt Hasselbeck and Cleveland's Kelly Holcomb are more likely possibilities.

    The Cowboys have to decide if they believe they can find somebody better than Testaverde.

    There are many people in Texas, and some in the Cowboys' organization, who believe the Cowboys would be wise to get Anybody But Vinny. The problem with the ABV contingent is that, when NFL personnel directors look at the quarterbacks likely to be available when the signing period begins, there are a lot of Vinnys.

    Not exactly like Testaverde, mind you.

    Some have more mobility. Some have less arm strength. All are younger. None, however, are the kind of players NFL coaches look at and say, "Wow, this is our long-term answer at quarterback."

    Hearing date set

    The arbitration hearing between the Cowboys and the NFL Players Association over the termination of former quarterback Quincy Carter has been tentatively scheduled for April 7 in Dallas, according to association spokesman Carl Francis.

    The NFLPA filed a grievance after the Cowboys released Carter in August, arguing that he was cut for violating the league's substance abuse policy, not poor performance, as the Cowboys contended. Under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement, a player cannot be cut for a failed drug test.

    The Players Association also plans to use the hearing to determine whether the Cowboys were conducting their own drug tests, which is also prohibited by the CBA.

    Carter is expected to attend the hearing despite reports that he is in a drug rehabilitation center after seeking treatment during the Jets' playoff run in January.

    Pro Bowl bound

    Cowboys left tackle Flozell Adams was added to the NFC Pro Bowl roster Thursday, after Eagles tackle Tra Thomas dropped out because of a back injury. The game is Sunday.


    On the market

    If the Cowboys do not sign Drew Bledsoe -- if he is cut by Buffalo -- and Vinny Testaverde returns to the New York Jets, these are the quarterbacks the Cowboys possibly could pursue until Drew Henson or Tony Romo is deemed ready to be the starter:

    Drew Brees, San Diego Chargers: Keep dreaming. The Chargers are going to make him their franchise player. If they do trade him, teams can expect to pay a steep price.

    Matt Hasselbeck, Seattle Seahawks: Could be a franchise player as well, although, that's not as strong of a lock as Brees. He's intriguing, but might require a long-term commitment.

    Kurt Warner, New York Giants: He is adamant about starting. The problem is his best years -- without concussions -- appear to be behind him.

    Mike McMahon, Detroit Lions: Normally a player not good enough to get on the field often for the Lions is not a good choice, but he is an interesting prospect.

    Kelly Holcomb, Cleveland Browns: Benched in favor of Jeff Garcia -- who turned out to be a colossal failure -- this player deserves another look.

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    Chrisbob Guest

    Re: Cowboys haven't made a move to re-sign Vinny

    I seen a snipet that stated the Jets were interested in bringing back Vinny as the back-up to Pennington!!!

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    DJRamFan Guest

    Re: Cowboys haven't made a move to re-sign Vinny

    Vinny should and could retire. The Cowgirls don't really want him around, they're itching for Drew Henson who hasn't really proven anything.


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