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    gap Guest

    Current game conflict

    Anone beside me find themselves rooting against the Eagles even though they really want to see the Facons get hammered the way they hammered the RAMS last week?

    I really want to see all their runbacks called back for illegal blocks, their DBs flagged for illegal contact on every third down, and their OL flagged for illegal chop blocks and holding at least once per drive. Yet I still find myself hoping the flags are against the Eagles whenever they are thrown.

    I guess the thought of TO playing in the SB is more than my subconscience can handle.


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    Re: Current game conflict

    I originally wanted the Falcons to beat Philly, but the thought of having to depend on them to stop N.E. was just too much to bear. There's still a chance that the Steelers can get the job done, but I didn't think they had much of a shot before the game, and looking at the way things are going now, my opinion hasn't changed much.

    In a matchup between the Eagles and Patriots, I'll take Philly with T.O. every time.

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    Re: Current game conflict

    I was hoping Philly would lose as well, but the Eagles are the lesser of two evils if New England continues on the roll they're on right now.

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    moklerman Guest

    Re: Current game conflict

    You guys have got it all wrong. That's not how football karma works. The more you root against a team's success, the stronger they seem to get. This is just like when the ***** were dominant or Dallas or, to a lesser degree, Buffalo. San Francisco was the worst (obviously). The more I'd root for them to make a mistake the more efficeint they'd get. I'm sure many fans were torn while watching Dallas finally knock SF off their throne. My dad was a Dallas fan so it made it a little easier for me. At least I could root for them, for him.

    With NE though, it's the same old story. I HATE those S.O.B.'s! I really thought Pittsburgh had a chance but, the Roethlisberger experiment really caught up with them today. Actually, it did last week but the Jets' bad mojo was stronger than Ben's poor play. Ben will be fine in the future but he was really gripping it the past couple of weeks. That just goes to illustrate how good Brady and the Patriots were/are. When the game's on the line or crucial in general you just don't beat those guys.

    So, sit back and enjoy the new dynasty in the NFL. We've probably got at least two more years of it before things settle down again. I guess Philly might pull a shocker in the Super Bowl but NE looks like it's hitting on all cylinders so I don't think so at this point. Also, what's all of this "modern day" dynasty crap the media's been spewing? NE doesn't deserve any kind of * for what they've been doing. They are a "dynasty", not a "modern day dynasty". Their run is just as, or more, valid than some of the teams of the past.

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    DJRamFan Guest

    Re: Current game conflict

    I was at the Philly-Falcons game and as much as I wanted to root for the Falcons, the passion of the Eagles fans won me over. I am hoping for them to beat New England, although I don't expect them to be.


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