Welcome to the deadzone. The end of the beginning of the beginning. When free agency stalls, and there is no draft yet. When less important articles come out, and more trade-inclusive mock drafts begin sprouting all about. When we don't read the new articles, but still post threads. When we all start to hate that baseball has started, because it isn't as interesting as football, and it's the showcase of the sports channels.

Well, this for me is at least the worst part of the year.

I think football needs to find a way to loop around the year more. There is the new football league starting, but it's going to follow along a similar time frame that the NFL does. Why would you compete in that market? Just start your season two weeks after the Super Bowl. Maybe even a month. We are all going to be desperate for the sport, so give it to us.

Other than that, I think the only thing I have spent time recently doing is reading up and analyzing for myself, the new rule changes, and trying to see how things will be implemented.

I feel that the "defenseless receiver" rules are not necessarily ridiculous, but if they decide to keep buffering the ammount of protection a receiver and quarterback get, they need to deepen the contact zone (before pass), beyond the short bumping distance they currently allow. That would at least give the d-backs some control over the play, and give them something to do other than chase a receiver and let him catch the ball.

If you agree, let me know. A little more bumping won't cause the injuries the defenseless receiver rules are made to protect. It just gives the defense a chance to bump the receiver off his route or help disrupt the timing from the QB to the WR.

Maybe it will happen eventually. But when so many rules are favoring the offense, eventually, it's just going to be offense on offense, and the defenses won't even come off the bench.