I am a Packer fan as well. But I hate what the Packers decided in regards to Favre and what parity has done to football in general.

Anyway , yesterday on tv, they advertise for the Monday nighter saying " the division leading Packers ".....their 5-5 so far haha I wouldnt be bragging lol. and it looks like the Saints are pounding them as I type this.

lets see,... from division lead to a 5-6 record in one game....? parity is a joke. That being said- I love what Favre and Warner are doing. But the cards are like the old -Fouts lead- Chargers. theyre lighting it up but should be beaten in the playoffs.
Favre ,though,... might get a little farther.

superbowl = JETS VS GIANTS !!!!!!!!!
I can dream, cant I............