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    Does Snyder have GSOT envy?

    With the signing of Randel El, Washington may be a scary unit on offense next year. Not just because of his signing but they already have a good/great o-line, Clinton Portis, Santana Moss, Cooley and Al Saunders as the new OC.

    I think they're putting together a really nice package that will be an interesting hybrid of what StL and KC have been running. I'm assuming they'll be a little more like StL since they've got a pretty decent trips package now with Lloyd(Bruce), Moss(Holt) and Randel El(Hakim/Curtis, etc.) which is something that KC never even came close to. Portis isn't really like Faulk but he's a nice combination of Faulk and Johnson. Cooley's no Gonzalez but he's better than anything the Rams have had. Washington's o-line is probably better than anything the Rams have had also. Probably not better than KC's but in the same ballpark.

    Brunell is good enough and played pretty well last year with essentially only one goto wr. I don't think it's far fetched for him to elevate his game to what Green's been doing in KC.

    All in all, they haven't been making a huge noise with their signings but I think they're all smart moves that will fit into what I imagine Saunders will try to do with the offense. Lloyd has been streaky in SF but as a #2 drawing more single coverage he should put up real good numbers.

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    Re: Does Snyder have GSOT envy?

    Brunnell, Nahhhhhhhh. They need a real QB, not a choker. He always seems to like to throw to the opposing team near the ends of the games!:clanram:

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    Re: Does Snyder have GSOT envy?

    They need a real QB, not a choker.
    I don't really agree with that. While he may have had some choke situations he's shown that he's still a very competant veteran and overall can lead an offense. He had 23 td's with only 10 int's last year without a lot of weapons. I think he's good enough for what they'll be doing.

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    Re: Does Snyder have GSOT envy?

    He was kind of inconsistent last year, though. Just look at his QB rating from game to game: 70.5, 94.1, 81.5, 87.1, 110.9, 147.9, 32.4, 94.6, 79.0, 58.7, 96.8, 104.5, 34.2, 125.6, 99.2, 52.3, 25.7, 87.9. They blow out SF 52-17 then get shut out by the Giants 0-36. Several games his completion percentage was in the 30s and 40s. Sure, he has some really good games, but when he's bad...


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