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    Drew`s Weekly Guard Dog Award...

    Well every time L.T,T.O,L.J,Brady,Archies Favourite Son,etc,etc... have a good day its Horse collar,Offensive player of the week,MVP etc...time whilst the boys that effect the success or failure of an O more than anyone else as without them you can neither pass nor run,merely get a pat on their backs and a doughnut tossed their way,well im gonna be doing my small bit to buck that trend and pay homage to the unsung heroes of the NFL and have a O-lineman of the week award!

    only one game down so i wont be making my pick till tuesday but the early front runner for this weeks award is a 9th year veteran undrafted out of North Carolina ,6"2 295 LBS blue collar Centre by the name of Jeff Saturday....Peyton wasn`t sacked once,Joseph Addai got 118 Yards rushing at 5.1 yards P.C from 23 carries, and thats in no small part thanks to the way that Saturday took control of the inner trench area (with help from the O.G`s naturally),repelling anything the Saints DT`s could muster and opening good lanes for Addai to run thro...Peyton and the "key skill" players got the plaudits for that fine Offensive showing but think of it like this,the Colts tackles... Ugogh tho i think in time will be fine in this league,played like a rookie playing his first game in the NFL...not exactly a horror show but hardly dominant the way Tarek Glenn has been in the LT position and well at RT, Diem was just like he usually plays,O.K but nothing special!..if Addai had to depend on them two tackles to open lanes..he wouldn`t have got a 3rd of the yards he did and that would have had a knock on effect on the passing game,Saints would have been more aggressive in their pass rush and if they were i think they could have dominated the Colts OT`s and well,you get the point...
    so although im not saying in any way that the Colts scoring 41 was solely down to Jeff Saturday, out of the O-Linemen that took the field on thursday he was THE man!
    theres plenty more games this weekend and monday for someone to beat his performance but well ive liked Jeff Saturday for some time now and was delighted for him when he got his T.D in last season`s play-offs( can`t be many Centres in the history of the NFL that have scored a T.D. in the Regular season let alone the Play-offs and against the pats too! )so if i end up having to give the first weekly award to him,then i can live with that...fingers crossed that one of our beloved Ram O-linemen steps up to the plate and snatches it from him tho!

    GO Rams!!!!

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    Re: Drew`s Weekly Guard Dog Award...

    If it's not RAM I don't want to hear or read about it.

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    Re: Drew`s Weekly Guard Dog Award...

    sorry La Ram,dont think you should read it for this week then!

    Week 1 threw up as well as season-ending injuries to the `Skins Jon Jansen and our very own Orlando Pace,on the whole a pretty below par performance by most O-Lines in the NFL which is pretty usual in week 1 on the regular season due to new players,schemes,etc..playing roles where the more time spent playing together the more familier players get with each other and more affective they become!
    out of all the O-lines that played this weekend (thursday to monday) Jeff Saturday`s performance has remained at the top from the first game to the last!

    the lines to play well this week were the Vikes,Seahawks,Steelers,Colts & Titans...out of them 5 the line that lined up against the hardest opposing D-line were the Titans who squared up to one of if not the greatest D-line in the NFL today in the Fearsome Jaguars... the Titans pass game was the worst of the 32 teams this weekend in only passing for just over 80 yards but Vince Young was only sacked twice,the swing came about in their run game tho,as they led the league with 282 yards from a combination of runners in Chris Brown,Vince Young and LenDale White,kudos to the Titans O-line for that and altho i love an underdog story and did contemplate giving the award to their spiritual leader Benji Olsen!...Jeff Saturday wins week 1 of the 2007 Weekly Guard Dog Awards!

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