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    Eagles Got screwed

    Anybody else in here that is as disgusted this year with the officiating as I am? Clearly there have been a tremendous amount of terrible calls this year, like no other year I've seen. And every week I watch "Official Review" on only to see Perira or whatever this jokes name is come out and defend with some absurd excuse that the officials were right.

    This week was the Eli, over the line pass that was called back after a challenge. Personally I've watched that play about 15 times now and unless the NFL is adopting some sort of odd handball rule where you can jump from behind the line and hold the ball until just before you hit the ground over it to throw it then there is no way that Eli was not past this line. And the ball was definitely past the line.

    Personally I think the Eagles were screwed this week and I believe this year is one of the first years where I can say without a doubt that referees have won and lost games in the NFL themselves.

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    Re: Eagles Got screwed

    I didn't see that play but your point about the refs is spot on,they have gotten worse week to week, the non calls this season in all games is horrible,the NFL needs to stop fining the players for good hits and start fining the officials for not calling the bad ones.

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    Re: Eagles Got screwed

    I saw that play and listened to them try to justify that his heel was still behind the line of scrimmage when he was releasing the ball and I had to laugh. Yes the Giants are the sweethearts this year. They are the chosen team to get a few important calls thrown there way so that they can look good and win games.

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