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For the record, I've not written a single word regarding my opinion on Warner's benching and Eli's promotion
OK...after 4 starts by Manning, I'm ready to render an opinion on Warner's benching/Eli's promotion.

In his 4 starts, Mr. I-don't-want-to-play-in-San-Diego has 39 completions in 101 pass attempt....for a whopping 38.06% completion rate.

He has a stellar 1 TD to go with his 6 INTs.

He has passed for 450 yards...which comes to a very impressive 4.45 yards per attempt.

Record: 0 Wins.....4 Losses.

My opinion is that Warner's benching was a very gutless thing for the Giants' organization to do when the team was very much in the middle of the playoff race. They basically told the other 50 or so guys on the team that this season doesn't matter, even though they had a more than realistic shot for a Wild Card berth.....amazingly enough...they still do.

Would Warner have won all of these games? I won't say that he would have. But would the Giants have had a better chance than with Manning? You'd have to have an IQ of about 5 to say that they wouldn't have.

OK fearlessone......let's see you spin these stats into some misguided accusation of me "distorting" the facts.