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    Emotion and winning

    Sometime ago, Dez posted poll that was far removed from the normal examples where we are asked to choose from extensive lists or given a fairly straightforward choice.

    It was problematic because of the wording primarily but also because of the choice involved. Essentially, we were asked whether we would like to keep Bruce and miss the playoffs or ditch him and make them.

    "If it meant missing the playoffs, do you sign Isaac Bruce to a new deal?"

    I thought it was pretty nasty, as it was the first thread I'd ever seen on this board. I also though it said something about the poster (Wicked man), but as it turns out it was somewhat prophetic. (Did Dez know even then what was about to unfold?)

    Anyway 70% of us (There were 65 replies and 775 views) responded that we would resign him as we wanted him to end his career as a Ram, and only 30% responded that they wanted to win at all costs.

    I wondered at the time what the response would have been if Dez had said the SuperBowl rather than just the playoffs, but I think that would have diluted the difficulty of choice and made it much more clear cut.

    Anyway, it seems to me that we're not as obsessed with the primary aim of this sport of ours (or any sport for that matter) namely winning, as we are with the more sentimental aspects of the game. History, traditions, memories, sentiment and emotion play just as much a part as giving someone a good hiding on the field for 19 or 20 games and lifting the prize.

    These are the things that grab us and keep us and the people involved are absolutely central to it.

    That's why it's reassuring that we can have the debate about Bruce that we're having. It's not all about winning and it isn't all about the money and it proves to me that people are the most important, living part of this.

    I don't want to be able to buy whoever I want so that we can assemble a fantasy roster (Snyder), I don't want to be able to live with guys who are only on the team for 2-3 seasons make a mint but feel nothing (T.O), I don't want the franchise to ever move again(Al Davis), and I don't want a debate about Isaac to be run of the mill or routine and all about whether he makes us win more games or not.

    I am mad with him but I want him back.

    Isn't that what human stuff is all about?

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    Re: Emotion and winning

    i agree, there is more to this than winning football games.


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