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    The End Of FIRST DOWN

    FIRST DOWN, an english producedfootball weekly has died, due to economic factors.
    A sad day for me, most of my football life was this paper.

    In fact the Very CLANRAM started as an advert in first down, by Dez, appealing for fans to get together and form a supporters club, after the Rams move to St Louis.
    Paving the way for what we have here today.

    I know the Net destroyed the need for it, nonetheless I was a loyal subscriber.

    Thanks for the 21 years, I will miss you.

    The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?

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    Re: The End Of FIRST DOWN

    I too will miss First Down, I have been a subscriber for quite a while now. It was my weekly roundup of everything to do with NFL until I got access to the internet. I kept on as a subsciber since then but it was enevitable that people would stop buying it with all the news you can get on the net. However it is sad with the NFL getting very popular again in the UK and with the game in London coming up, it could have generated more knowledge for the casual British fan.


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