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Tuesday, November 13
Updated: November 16, 9:07 AM ET

Users sound off on Power Rankings

By Joe Lago

We're halfway through the season. As for your comments, you've all been in midseason form for weeks. Let's get to this week's rankings rants and responses.

If the Rams played the Green Bay Packers, they would lose. ... If the game is at Lambeau Field, the Rams don't have a prayer.
Rob Falkenthal
Orland Park, Ill.
If Marshall Faulk stays healthy, the entire league doesn't have a chance against Mike Martz's Rams.

The Raiders should not be ahead of Miami. The fact that they now have equal records, Miami beat them, and Miami won in a place where the Raiders lost (Seattle) and gave up 266 yards rushing begs the question, WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING? ... If you need something to occupy your spare time, don't turn to drugs. Try watching some football.
Dan Rossi
Patterson, N.Y.
We're addicted to football just like you.

The ***** are "getting no credit for their first half," writes Francisco Montemayor of San Francisco.
It's a sad day in the NFL when the AFC teams suck so bad that Oakland gets the nod as the best team. Save yourselves the embarassment and drop your "Gannon for MVP" articles. I can throw a prettier pass downfield than him from my Lazy Boy.
Andrew Soristo
Juneau, Alaska
Good to know they have armchair quarterbacks in Alaska, too.

I think that the Steelers should be the No. 1 team, and the reason is simple. Who has the No. 1 run offense in the NFL? The Steelers. Who has the No. 1 rush defense and overall defense? The Steelers. There is not a team in the NFL who can beat the Steelers.
Drew McQuillan
Stafford, Va.
No team except for the Jaguars and Ravens.

Thanks for putting the Rams back where they should be, but do you actually think that the Steelers deserve to be No. 5 when they have to rely on Brown's leg?
Fred Berger
Socorro, N.M.
Can't kick a good team when they're up.

I would like a job at ESPN because it's obvious I know more about football!
Jim Steele
Columbus, Ohio
We don't have any openings, but you might want to check with the Panthers at season's end.

I think you guys are a bunch of pot smokers. Come on, the Bengals rated as the last 4-4 team and three 3-5 teams above them. Give me a break! The Bengals beat the Browns and Ravens. They also beat the Patriots. That must be some good s*** you're smokin' if these teams are above the Bengals.
Doug Cox
Columbus, Ohio
You must be under the influence of something stronger if you believe the Bengals are better than the Ravens.

WOW! I am very impressed. These are the best rankings you guys have had all season. Who helped you out on this one, Dennis Miller?
Sean Cleave
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Yes, but we took out the obscure references to Nietzsche and Wayne Fonts.

Great! ESPN has the Brady Bunch ranked No. 12 in the Power Rankings. This group hasn't seen good ratings like that since Parcells was the director!
Drew Stevens
Haverhill, Mass.
And who would've thought Drew Bledsoe's role would be more like Sam the Butcher's?

Wait a sec. The Redskins are the hottest team in the NFC and you DROP them two spots? You think you can screw around with the bottom feeders because nobody cares? So will they jump in the rankings if they lose? Or will the Redskins be dead last after winning the Super Bowl? C'mon, show my guys some respect!
Adam Mooers
Washington, D.C.
Wait a sec, I can't believe you just included "Redskins" and "Super Bowl" in the same sentence.

Amazingly good power rankings! I could argue with the bottom seven, but what would the point of that be?
Roger Domenick
New York, N.Y.
Thanks. Your fellow users should follow your example.

Your replies to the comments are pitiful, uninsightful, and are the lamest attempt at being witty that I have ever seen.
George Jirak
Philadelphia, Pa.
You read them, didn't you?
Come back next week for more lame comments.