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Then I'd say you're underestimating the defense. I don't think it's as bad as you seem to think.
Against the pass by the numbers:
YPG - 229.4 (21st)
QB rating - 76.2 (9th)
Completion % - 60.7 (16th)
YPA - 6.8 (14th)
Passing TDs - 14 (T-2nd)
Interceptions - 18 (T-11)

The big problem in the secondary is a lack of speed. Guys like Nate Clements and Michael Lewis were brought in to stop Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin. While that has been fairly successful, the problem with that is that those two receivers, while very talented and physical, they aren't speed demons, and consequently, neither are the players the Niners brought in to stop them. The end result is that speedsters like DeSean Jackson and Roddy White run wild on our secondary because no one can catch them. What does Taylor Mays have, if nothing else? Speed. So if/when he gets into the starting lineup, that should be a big help in cutting down on some of those big plays.
Well I gotta admit thats pretty darn decent stats you laid out for me. But I'm still gonna stand by my statement. You got a blitz and thump old school style defense with Singltary's fingerprints all over it. Although thats cool in some aspects, I'm of the opinion that a well tuned west coast offense is too fast for that type of play. (Remember 84' NFC playoffs? Whiners vs Bears?)

ps. Taylor May's speed has nothing to do with his coverage ability. QB's still throw in his direction because they know that he can be beat one on one.